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“The team are top notch in every way.  Always going above and beyond to stay ahead of the curve for their clients.  Most people talk about it, but they actually do it.  They define success and we are very fortunate to be able to work with them.” – Dave

“Professional, Personable, and Service Oriented.  Anytime I recommend the Outline Financial team I know they will be welcomed with a friendly smile, treated with respect and get the information they need to make an educated and informed decision.” – Corrie

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your help and advice.  Samantha, without your detailed explanation of budgeting, I would never have a clear picture of where I stand before making and offer.  Joanna, without your advice, I would have given up on buying this home…just to let you know I am very grateful.  Heather, you provided me lots of advice and help, and in the end, the rate worked out very well too, so thank you very much.  Now that the closing is done…I am excited to plan for the future.” – Wayne

“The team is professional and knowledgeable in their field.  Not only have they provided me with exceptional service, they have also given me excellent advice on related matters.  The team is highly responsive and committed and I am pleased to provide them with a strong recommendation.” – Robin

“We want to thank you and your team!  You not only provided us with a great mortgage…you and your team gave us peace of mind and that’s priceless!” – Melanie

“My wife and I have relied on Joanna and the team several times over the years to help us navigate the byzantine world of personal finance, debt management and mortgage renewals.  They always strive to provide the best deal thoroughly customized to meet our needs.  I would gladly recommend the team to anyone – and in fact, I have on several occasions.” – Adrian

“The Outline Financial team provided outstanding service for my client.  They work fast, arranged the most suitable plan, and helped my client through the mortgage process.  I recommend the team to anyone looking for a great advisor!” – Blair

“The team was an absolute pleasure to work with.  They made the mortgage process the easiest part of homeownership.  We were confident they would go above and beyond to get us the best rate – and they did.  Their approach was professional and customer-focused.  We knew we were in good hands from the beginning.  I wouldn’t buy another house without them.” – Melissa

When was the last time you bought something that truly mattered?

Our homes are what shape us. They’re more than a roof overhead. They’re the places we raise our children, celebrate with family, mourn loved ones lost and live life to the fullest. Buying a home is a unique responsibility, as well as an incredible opportunity.

Is the floor about to fall out of the Toronto housing market? Things may not be what they seem.

Written by: Outline Financial / Jan 30, 2018 For at least the last half decade, some economists and real estate analysts have predicted a crash in Toronto’s housing market. Minor, recent dips aside, it’s yet to happen. Now, those same…

Major Policy Change - another day, another mortgage change...and this one's BIG!

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While the details are still trickling in, the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) has once again used its powers to tighten mortgage qualification rules.  These changes could be effective as early as today…

Bank of Canada Increases Overnight Rate to 1%

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The Bank of Canada is raising its target for the overnight rate to 1 per cent. The Bank Rate is correspondingly 1 1/4 per cent and the deposit rate is 3/4 per cent. Recent economic data have been stronger than expected, supporting the Bank’s…

2017 Mortgage Consumer Survey

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In March 2017, CMHC completed an online survey of 3,002 recent mortgage consumers, all prime household decision-makers who had undertaken a mortgage transaction in the past 12 months. Sixty-five percent had undergone a mortgage renewal, 15%…

Pay Attention to Your Beneficiary Designation

It's more important than you think Naming a beneficiary is a valuable feature of life insurance and segregated funds policies so it is important to carefully choose your beneficiaries. Estate - the default choice Many people choose…

What is a credit score, and how to improve yours.

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What is a Credit Score: Your credit score is a number that illustrates your financial health at a specific point in time. It also serves as an indicator of your financial past, and how consistently you pay off your bills and debts. This…

Will April 20th mark the single busiest day for real estate transactions in Toronto's history?

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Our team has received numerous calls today regarding the 16-point plan implemented by the Ontario Government to cool the housing market. The most pressing question we are being asked is regarding the 15% Non-Resident Speculation…

Mortgages & Life Insurance - how do they fit together?

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Congratulations!  You've just purchased the home of your dreams, and your advisor has secured you a great mortgage to make this dream a reality. Now that you have a mortgage, it can make a lot of sense to insure it.  While owning a…

2016 Year End TREB Stats and Commentary

In an effort to assist our realtors and clients gain further insight into the Toronto real estate market, we have accumulated a database of TREB results on a monthly basis for the past 10 years (sales, avg price, new listings & active…

First Time Home Buyers: how you can harness the power of your RRSPs

RRSP season is here! Use the first 60 days of the year to max out contributions to your RRSP.  You have until March 1st, 2017 to reduce your 2016 income and get a higher tax refund. There are several advantages to maxing out your…

Whole Life Insurance, A Whole New Investment Class

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The recent developments in investment markets and the volatile performance that has resulted have brought about a new appeal to an old workhorse.  For investors looking for a diversification in their investment portfolio and a more tax…

B.C. Premier Announces First Time Home Buyer Assistance

This morning B.C. Premier Christy Clark announced the Home Owner Mortgage and Equity (HOME) Partnership program.   Through the B.C. HOME Partnership program, the Province is helping first-time home buyers by contributing to…

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